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The mechanical and manufacturing industries produce sophisticated high-tech equipment that requires extremely detailed and accurate instructions, manuals and other relevant reference materials for users.Because the manufacturing industry involves many technical fields and the terminologies they use are quite specialized, localization service suppliers must have a solid knowledge and in-depth understanding of the special fields in order to provide accurate translations. As the upgrade cycle time becomes shorter and shorter than ever before, production is no longer a simple process, but a complex process combining design, manufacture, documentation, support and localization as well. The shorter time to market, the higher the profit made.


Our localization experts can ensure that you will get professional services and high-quality deliverables through:


Our extensive experience with complex and high-tech projects.
Integration of our TLP PMS (Project Management System) with your specific working platforms.
Involving your own in-country reviewers in our quality assurance processes.
Shortening project turnaround time by prompt reaction to emerging market requirements.
Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance for products, labeling and documentation.



Glossary and translation memory management
The intelligent combination of translation memory and glossary management can increase the consistency, quality and speed of translation.


Accurate glossary translation (create glossary) is the first step to assure the translation quality. We can create special glossary with the auditors from customers and convert it into different formats for reference according to the requirement of customers. The translation memory (TM) can reduce the translation cost for the customers because the translation in the TM can be reused.


Strict process management
Through scientific and precise project management method and the global translation resource, combining with the TLP process management system which is self-developed by us, we can effectively control the translation quality and progress of technical documents and fulfill a strict control on each link of the process.


Here are some of our clients:


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