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Professional Technical Translation Solutions Provider
In today's highly competitive environment, companies must continually employ new technologies to stay one step ahead of the competition. End-users, installers, developers, and maintainers demand detail and accurate product information to help them to finish their jobs. Moreover, translating the product information into the local languages is the precondition to sell these products to other countries.

Experienced translators for the technical document, advanced management technology for the terminology and translation memory management, up-to-date computer aided translation (CAT) tool, scientific project process as well as strict quality control are the important conditions to provide high-quality technical translation.



In technology field, new technology emerges one after another, the glossary changes daily and may be completely different from industry to industry. That's why technical translation is a challenge. We only use those translators with proven expertise, solid technical understanding and experience appropriate to the project's specific technology areas.


Translation style should be suitable for the average end user: the language style of technical documents is not same as that of a user's guide for household products or student reading materials. Good translation is not simply translating the words.

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