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As a leading provider of language localization and translation services in Asia, Xiamen One Translation Ltd. has been offering a wide range of solutions for the world's leading companies. One Translation enjoys an excellent reputation among its clients for the high quality of services, customized solutions, superior project management, state-of-the-art technology, and rigorous quality assurance system. Our services are aligned to add values to your business.

Technical document translation

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In today's highly competitive environment, companies must continually employ new technologies to stay one step ahead of the competition. End-users, installers, developers, and maintainers demand detail and accurate product information to help them to finish their jobs. Moreover, translating the product information into the local languages is the precondition to sell these products to other countries.


Experienced translators for the technical document, advanced management technology for the terminology and translation memory management, up-to-date computer aided translation (CAT) tool, scientific project process as well as strict quality control are the important conditions to provide high-quality technical translation.

Website is the image and the main marketing tool of your enterprise, being the main approach for the enterprises to provide company information and product or service introduction. An excellent multi-language website is the first step of enterprise globalization. Website localization is not simple translation, but a complicated process, involving the structure planning of Web server, website content management, document preparation, glossary preparation, project budget and implementation, translation and proofreading, quality control, content update, content reuse and modification of existing website, making the website can be easily visited by the target users and the content accord with the local culture, religion, politics, etc. All the work should be finished in an environment of different time zones, commercial habits and legal systems. As the increase of website content, the corresponding localization work shall be carried out simultaneously, making the content management more complicated.

We can provide high-quality DTP services in West-European languages, simple and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., supporting various tools of Mac system and PC. The documents after published can be outputted in various formats. We also can directly translate the AutoCAD files into the target languages, such as the construction or machinery drawings. As to the marketing material, we can use Corel Draw, Illustrator, Flash MX to translate the Chinese contained into other languages and image the material without changing the colors and figures of the original document.


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Today, the requirements on interpretation are more and more diversified because of the economic globalization and the international cooperation. The interpretation quality is very essential to the success of your negotiation. We can dispatch professional interpreters with excellent and abundant experience for the customers according to their specific requirement, so as to provide high-quality service for your negotiations and meetings. With the strong capacity, strict quality control system and high-level interpreters, we have provided many meeting interpretations, consecutive interpretations, simultaneous interpretations for many multinational enterprises.


Escort Interpretation (exhibition, common business negotiation, tour)


Consecutive Interpretation (training, lecture, high-level negotiation, small conference)


Simultaneous Interpretation (medium and large meeting, news release conference)


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